A Wander To The Watermill

Kev Neylon
5 min readJun 22, 2021

It wasn’t a planned outing, Helen had gone to her mum’s and was meeting friends for dinner later. I’d done a bit of decorating, and it looked OK outside weather wise, so I put some trainers on and tightened the belt to walking mode and headed out, camera in hand.

I decided I was going to make my way to Ifield Watermill for the open day, but I wasn’t going to go the direct route. Instead I cut through the park at the back of the house out onto Malthouse Road, and past the locally listed buildings there.

It would seem the council town planners have run out of imagination, and definitely aren’t channelling the spirit of John Goepel in the naming of the road for the new houses behind Southgate Road. Yes, they were built in what had been gardens of house on Southgate Road, but calling them Southgate Road Gardens shows a real lack of imagination.

I carried on, crossing Brighton Road near the locally listed Park Lodge,

up Perryfield Road and through to West Street in the West Street / Brighton Road conservation area.

Before crossing over the railway,

and going up Albany Road, catching the blue plaque as I did so.

I wandered happily through West Green and through the underpass at Crawley Avenue onto The Mardens. The Elim Church Crawley on the corner of Ifield Drive and The Mardens was one of the few I hadn’t taken pictures of in the last year or so. It had used to be the Trinity United Reformed Church…



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