Even More History In Crawley

Kev Neylon
8 min readSep 13, 2020

Everyone else was out, so I shook off some of my ennui, and went walking around Crawley. A lot of people, even those who live here, assume that as a new town, there is no history here, but as with anywhere, there is, you just have to scratch harder at the surface.

I had taken some inspiration from a book on local history, and a website by one of the admins on the Memories of Crawley Facebook group, and was heading out in search of Blue Plaques and Tudor houses. In addition, I’m still building up a collection of places of worship, and pubs (and former pubs) throughout Crawley.

I walked into the town centre and started outside Wilkos. The first blue plaque of the day is on a side wall, which is to the sculptor of the work on the upper part of the front of the building. You can tell it was early on my walk as there was no connection in my head between taking a picture of the blue plaque, and not taking a picture of the sculpture itself.

It didn’t seem to get any better as I moved on, although this one wasn’t my fault. I had done a deal of research before heading out and so believed that there would be a blue plaque on the wall of The Punch Bowl. Well, it may have been there, but all that is left is this.

The other two on the high street were still where they were supposed to be (there is another on the Museum, which I had a picture of from a previous wander).

From the High Street I headed across Asda’s car park into West Green. I got pictures of the first place of worship for the day, the Siri Guru Singh Sabha Sikh temple, in its functional looking building.

There were four more blue plaques in West Green, but it is a part of Crawley I haven’t really taken the time to walk around before, and I was pleasantly surprised by the varied styles and ages of…



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